page not fully loading in safari

I have a page running php and pulling records in a loop from a database.

on my windows computer , in chrome and firefox the entire table loads properly, the last person on the list should be y/       rabbi bess/la

my client using a MAC in safari says the page stops loading halfway and the rest is just white blank.
He tried it on other MAC computers with the same problem.

Is there any way I can see that on my windows computer, or can someone figure out what is going on?
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Tom BeckCommented:
Some observations:
-- The full list is there in the DOM.
-- The animation seems to be a factor. I would temporarily disable that to see if Safari behaves better.
-- It depends on the scroll position when the page loads. If you are scrolled all the way to the bottom and refresh the page, the top of the list is blank rather than the bottom.
-- I don't have the "why" figured out, but removing position:relative from line 1394 of bootstrap.css causes the missing part of the list to display.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I would be willing to bet the issue is the html.  The validator shows you have a stray closing div tag.

The way to find this is to put your code into your ide or text editor and start indenting by hand where you indent at each child making sure you are closing tags in the same order as you open.
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