DFS not replicating to off site server

I do not no a lot about the DFS sever, because my previous boss was the one who handled everything until he recently passed away.  He is what iss supposed to happen every night a script runs that copies the files from the file server to a backup server which works with no problem.  Then the files are supposed to replicate to an off site server based at another one of our offices.  When I go look at the off site server then I do not see the updated files.  I have restarted the server, restarted the service and we had to change the password because the super admin was used on everything so we have to change to user accounts we created for services and task so the super admin is not used on everything as it was.  So naturally it broke so I can not locate where to input the new account name and password for the service, or what else I can do to get the DFS replication to work again.

The backup server is Server 2012 standard
The off site server is Server 2008 R2 Standard

Brian PlunkettAsked:
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Open DFS management and look at the replication group.

Changing password requires that you now look through the services and make sure what account it uses and if the admin account is being used, update the password to get it working again while at the same time setup a new account that will serve as the service account. As you have, but you need to make sure it has the right permissions.

Are all computers AD computers? Look at event logs to see whether there are any issues.
Brian PlunkettAuthor Commented:
That worked and I created a new user that is for services and Task so this will not happen again.

Thanks Much!!!
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