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I have a policy on a 2008 server with windows 7 clients and a DC that is 2012.  The policy is to redirect the user's home folder to a share on the server.  The share is called users and within that are individual folders with the user name.  I have in AD on the profile tab connect drive to \\servername\users\%username%.  In addition my policy (GPO) Target: settings: Advanced - Specify Locations for various user groups.  I have a group with all the users that require home folders.  In the security group membership it reads:
Group:  domain\group name and the path \\%homeshare%%HomePath%  this is fine however, my issue is the users names are not on the server, instead the folders are being named "MY Documents"  and I'm having to rename each folder back to the user name daily!  How can I correct this?
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

This has been identified as an issue with desktop.ini file created in the users home directory when using Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Either you need to delete the desktop.ini file manually or run some script to delete it.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
So take the .ini file off the server?
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Humm. I just did and it worked. So I'll create a script to delete the desktop.ini files off the server.
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