Excel VBA to loop through all connections and refresh

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What's the VBA object for 'all connections' (bold below), and can it be used to iterate through all connections and refresh?   I have some VBA formatting going on, and I'd like to have one command button that users can click to both refresh connections and do the formatting.


'Refresh all connections
Dim cn As WorkbookConnection
Dim ocn As OLEDBConnection

For Each cn In Workbook.Connections
    Set ocn = cn.OLEDBConnection
    With ocn
        .BackgroundQuery = False
    End With
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorAsked:
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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:

Rather doing this way..you can do this way..


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This will refresh all your background query in your workbook...

Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorAuthor Commented:
Looks like a winner.  Thanks.
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