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Stop printer from switching trays

I have a H.P 4014N that by default prints to tray 3 - When tray 3 runs out of paper it automatically switches to tray 2 where company letter head is used.  How can I stop the printer of automatically changing trays?


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You should be able to go into the settings and choose to use Tray 1, or set up a second printer mapping 1 to tray one and one to tray 2.

The first option though should try for Tray1 instead of auto select. When empty should just give an alert.
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I don't want it to switch at all... just stop printing and wait for paper.
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... or (via the printer's front panel menus, or Embedded Web Server, or Toolbox equivalent), configure the trays with different Paper Type values.

I'd suggest setting type = Letterhead for your tray 2, and type = Plain (the default) for your tray 3.

Most print jobs probably select (by default) either Plain or <not set> for the required Paper Type.

You'd have to change your letterhead jobs to request a Paper Type of Letterhead.
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Sorry for the delay .. I was away from the office.