Huawei E3276s-920 Mobily Saudi Arabia (Firmware Issue)

I have Mobily 4G USB E3276s-920, it was ok but i have installed MAC Firmware and i dont have Mac pc. Now after installed MAC Firmware (UTPS23. My windows PC is not Detect my dongle (USB). Now I have available windows Firemware but my windows is not detect my dongle so how I can reinstall Windows Firmware again?
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
install it on a MAC - see if it is seen, - then install the windows firmware
otherwise contact Huawei with your problem
shariqsaeedAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

becasue these is not ans.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
i object; did you try my suggestion?
you must realise what you did was wrong -and first it must be accessible
so my answer is perfect in your case imo
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