2012 R2 with Hyper-V and VHDX Disk. How do you Shrink.

I have a 2012R2 server with 2 VMs.  I would like to shrink the size of the VHDX files for one of the VMs.  I shrank the size of the partition in the VM with Disk Management by 100GB.  I now have 100GB unallocated.  When I edit this VHDX from Hyper-V Manager, I can't shrink the VHDX.
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Manojkumar RaneCommented:
If VM is above windows 2008 then follow below steps :
Shutdown the VM.
Detach VHDX file from VM.
Attach VHDX file to host using disk management -- attach VHD.
Defrag the vhd file and shrink the vhd file.
Detach vhdx file from disk management.
Open Hyper-V manager and select edit disk.
Select the vhdx file and perform shrinking operation.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
What is the guest OS? If earlier than 2012 R2 shut the VM down before running the VHDX Edit again.
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