Replacing a dell server hard disk by different brand


I have a Dell 1950 server and I want to upgrade the harddisks for a larger size to continue using a RAID 1.
At Dell website I can see the part number for this specific server model, but the price on the market is very very high since is an old server.

The question is: can I buy the HDDs from a different brand (of course respecting the size and type for the controller)? Or I will have a risk of the server doesn´t work well with a non dell HDDs?
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You need disks that are certified by DELL for that server and that have the proper DELL firmware. If you use disks with the wrong firmware you can get issues. For example the fans could run too fast.

You need enterprise class disks because only they work properly with the RAID controllers. Consumer disks don't work in RAID and you'll have failures all the time, even if the disks themselves would work.
Hard disks are not specific to Dell, so yes you can use different brands.
I would make sure you get enterprise grade drives and not cheap consumer grade drives but any vendor should be fine.
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edu87Author Commented:
And what is the difference between a Seagate HDD 500gb SATA 7200RPM (consumer grade) and the same type for a server grade?
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Get the Dell part number of the drive, then buy it from a reputable reseller/supplier online for much less than buying from Dell directly.
Bear in mind that there are multiple alternative Dell part numbers for hard disks, for example they churn out a new part number for each new environmental waste restriction that comes out as well as for different suppliers and you don't care whether there's lead in the solder or whether Dell bought it from Seagate or Fujitsu before putting their brand on it.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Enterprise grade drives normally run at 10000rpm, as for longevity, even the consumers are getting great at keeping up
server disk shouldn't pass 3-5 years any ways because of its constant read and write.

I would look at SSD enterprise grade disk, to speed things along
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