Apple iPad Security Settings

I have set up 4 ipads at my office so that people come in and fill out job applications.
I've locked all security settings and restricted web access to only my domains. user's only need to go to my page, fill out the app and submit it.
At this point the app is to be email to an internal email address. We host our email at Adobe Bus Catalyst.
When I hit the submit button the application never mails out. I've tested from a laptop and it works.

Is there any other web pages that I need to allow? My email server? Adobe Catalyst Servers?

Please shed some light!

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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Are you using a web-based form for the applications? If so, it depends on how the form is setup. If it just uses a basic mailto link and your laptop already has an email client configured, then it would work. If you don't have email setup on the iPad then it won't work. Also if you're blocking web access and it's trying to send email through Adobe, then that won't work either.
cheto06Author Commented:
Yes, it is a web based form and I don't have an email set up on the iPad.
Any other suggestions how can i make it work?
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
If you're not using the PC/tablet's own email account, then you need some kind of script-based web form that uses a mail server. That all depends on how your server is setup and if it even supports doing so.
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