Cisco Router & Dell Switch routing problem

I have a Cisco 2821 lab router, with 2 gig ports. I also have a Dell 6024 Switch (layer 3)

I'm having a problem somewhere getting them to route correctly.  I have attached the following files:
Attached both, the Cisco and Dell ip route, interface and running config.  

So I have a dell switch, which is my core router on my production LAN.  My default subnet is 192.168.100/22  I had 2 vlans, and I just created a 3rd vlan, called vlan300 so I can create a new network for it.  The new network is  The IP address of port 23, which is the only port in vlan300 is

Then I also have a cisco 2821 router (for my Lab), with 2 Gig ports. Port 0/0 is my internal lab side with IP
Port 0/1 is the wan with IP

I believe I have some kind of routing problem or something is not configured correctly, here's what I've done so far for testing.

I have a laptop with IP plugged directly on the lan side of the cisco LAB router.
When I ping the following: - 2 succeed and 2 fail  (this is an IP address on my production LAN) - all 4 fail - this is my firewall - all succeed - IP address of my Dell core switch - all succeed - IP on Dell switch, port 23, vlan300

When I test from my desk PC (production LAN)
When I ping the following: - all 4 succeed - IP address of Dell Core switch in production - all 4 succeed - IP of port 23 on vlan300 on Dell core switch, in Production - 2 fail, 2 succeed - Cisco LAB router WAN port connected directly to Dell Core Switch port 23 - 2 fail, 2 succeed -  Cisco LAB router LAN port - 2 fail, 2 succeed - laptop connected directly to LAN port on Cisco LAB router

I have also taken a laptop with wireshark and plugged it into port 22 on the Dell switch and monitored port 23.
during the packet capture, I sent 10 pings to, and it sent 10 pings, but only received 5 replies.
So that leads me to believe the problem is on the Cisco Lab router?

I have also taken a laptop, configured the IP as, added a DNS and I was able to ping my internal LAN, and even access the internet after I added some firewall rules.

I'm lost, I'm not sure exactly if the problem is on my Dell Core switch or on the new Cisco LAB router.

If anyone has any ideas or what else I can do to test, I would love to hear it.

Core Dell switch ip route and ip interfaceDellSwitch-RunningConfig.txt
DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I actually figured this part out, I had 2 default routes pointing to the same place.  I got that working, now the internet is not working from the test laptop on my lab router.  It's probably somewhere on my firewall I'm guessing?

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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
after making a few more changes on the firewall, everything is working
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