How to install SharePoint 2013 Enterprise version on a single 2012 Server

I never installed and used SharePoint. I am tasked to install and setup SharePoint for 25 users. I have prepared a Windows Server 2012 R2 to setup and run SharePoint 2013 and all related servers (Like SQL) on it.
Please provide me a simple step by step guide, and the size of the RAM I need on the server. Also please advise me if I must to install Full MS SQL on the server.

Jay555IT DirectorAsked:
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It is hard to provide step by step but I will post what I can.  This is to my best knowledge so it may or may not work for you.

First, Server 2012 R2 environment, you'll need SharePoint 2013 with Service Pack 1.  So you will need a setup file for SharePoint where the service pack is integrated.

For 25 users, you would probably want the SQL server on a separate machine for performance reasons.  As far as Full SQL or SQL express, that depends on how much data will be stored, but likely you will want the full SQL server.  Also, you will need to use SQL server 2008 R2 or higher for it to connect with SharePoint 2013.

If you do choose to install SQL on a separate machine, then during SharePoint setup, you will specify the SQL server and the administrator login credentials for it.  So it will be something like \\sqlserver\sqldatabase.

For the actual SharePoint setup, first you'll run the setup for the prerequisites which may require reboot.

After prerequisites are installed, begin normal installation.  Once installation is complete, you can login and configure which options and groups you want to create or use.

As for RAM requirements, it will depend on which features you plan to use, for full functionality, 24 GB of RAM is the recommended minimum.

Here is an article on the hardware and software requirements as a recommended read.

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Rainer JeschorCommented:

so for your first time you really start with SharePoint 2013 enterprise?

For that edition it really does not make any sense to use the built-in SQL express edition.

The most and important question really is:
- what features from SharePoint do you plan to use?

SharePoint installation is "simple" - as mentioned by bigeven install the prereqs and then the product. Afterwards you will have to run the product configuration wizard which is again "simple".
But now the real configuration starts and as SharePoint enterprise has about 20+ service applications it really matters what to install / configure and what not (performance).

In regards to RAM: if everything is running on the same machine I would recommend 32 GB, if search and some other memory eating services are used even 48 GB.

Perhaps you can share some more business requirements - but if you ask me for my professional experience and advise:
get an expert who will do the complete setup - it will cost you once but is hazzle free afterwards.

E.g. you should use an SQL alias for installation, you should create dedicated AD accounts with the necessary permissions on the server(s), ...

And especially the SQL server setup and configuration is critical in regards to performance.
It is an absolut requirement to have really good disk IO.

Just my 2ct
Jay555IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you Bigeven  Rainer for your comments and advice. I downloaded MS SQL 2012 and installed on a separate server. Now I have SQL Server and a 2nd Windows server just for SharePoint. At this time we do not have budget to pay a SharePoint specialist. I appreciate it if you could provide me a good how-to resource.


Since this is for a production environment, I think the best resource would be the official deployment guide by Microsoft.  I have attached it here so you can download it.  The guide is very lengthy but it covers in great detail the deployment scenarios and requirements.

Hope this helps.
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