windows 8 notebook with really large type

And I mean really large.   For example, in Office opening screen,
                                    your interest
                                     in Office

fills the screen.  The letter t is over 1" high.

I'm sure I accidentally toggled something to cause this but I can't find anything that puts it back to normal.

The desktop wallpaper is normal.
Ronald HicksConsultantAsked:
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Can you provide a screenshot of this?  Also, is the magnifier enabled in windows?  Go to start screen and type "magnifier settings" and click the result.  This will open PC settings to that page.

Also, right-click the desktop, and choose Screen Resolution.  Then click the link for "Make text and other items larger or smaller".  Is the bar set to smaller or larger?

Screen resolution page
Font and object size page

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Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Magnifier is Off.

On screen res page I get choices of only 1024, 1280 and 1360 x 768 and a notice that the res is less than 4800 x 3600 and not everything will fit on the screen, which is certainly the case.  Where did my higher res options go?.  

I've tried starting in safe mode but neither Ctrl, Alt, Fn or  the Windows key with the F8 key do the trick.  Is there some other way on an HP notebook with Windows 8?
Ok did you click the link that said "make text and other items larger or smaller"?  It sounds like you were only trying to adjust screen resolution.  As for the message you got, are there any phantom monitors listed such as in device manager?  If so try removing those from the list.  Also do you have any third party software installed that is designed to enhance a multi monitor experience?
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Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
I've seen that text (in really large letters) but I can't get to anything that reacts to a click.   No phantom monitors seen or third party software.

Still looking.  thanks for sticking with me.
Interesting.  Ok, one quick way to adjust the size of text and icons is to hold down the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel scroll.  Scrolling up increases size while scrolling down decreases it.  Try that to see if it works.
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Wow.  Ctrl + scroll wheel.   I wished I hadn't fixed it already.  I'd like to see if that would have done it.  As it happens, I gave up and just restored to an earlier set point. I don't think I lost any programs.  Many thanks.  I'll have to remember that Ctrl+MouseScroll.
No worries, thanks for the update and glad you got it fixed.
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Windows 8

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