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Excel - How to Remove Hyperlink Sprites (Image Elements)

Excel 2013
Windows 7

BACKGROUND: When I copied some data from a web page, one column has intermittent hyperlinks that appear as a small image of a magnifying glass.

When you RIGHT CLICK the mouse on one of them, the context menu gives the option to remove hyperlink or cut (and others). When I select the entire column and delete, the column is deleted but the sprites remain, but they now appear superimposed over the data in what used to be the adjacent column.

QUESTION: Since there are hundreds of these, I need a formula or macro way to remove them all from the original column. There is no other data in the original column to worry about.

By the way, what do you officially call these "sprites"? I've seen them before, and sometimes they are invisible where you can only find them by hovering your mouse around until the cursor turns to the hand pointer.
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Top Expert 2016

pls try

Sub Macro()
For Each shp In ActiveSheet.Shapes
    If shp.Type = msoPicture Or shp.Type = msoScriptAnchor Then
    End If
End Sub

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Jerry LOperations Manager


Perfect, thanks.