Is it possible to Auto copy SD Card contents to location on insertion? Lexar Workflow, Windows 8.1

Hi Experts,
I recently purchased the Lexar Workflow with 2 SD Card readers, thinking it would be much better for transferring my Audio and Video files from the 2 separate devices/ SD Cards at the end of a shooting day.  (Videographer/ Tech guy that I am)
However, there is no software, only the hardware with the system, sadly.

So I am wondering if anyone knows of a good piece of software that will
1. recognise the sd card's insertion
2. ask me where to save it/ have a default location
3. copy all the files across
4. maybe even backup to file server

I generally keep a copy locally for workflow, and then backup to file server (with rsync on the file server via cronjob)

Thoughts? Suggestions?
I could probably write something in c#, but would prefer some proprietary software.

I use Adobe CS, so I am open to paying for software.

Thanks in advance
Craig LambieAsked:
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I've been using SyncBack from 2BrightSparks for many years:

I started with their SE version and then moved to their Pro version. They also have a Free version. Here's a comparison table for all three versions:

However, you cannot use the Free version, because you need a feature they call When, Insert, which is available only in the SE and Pro versions. The crux of the When, Insert feature is this:
A profile can be configured to run whenever an external device is attached, e.g. a USB key is inserted. If Windows is assigning a random drive letter to the device when inserted please use the %LABEL% or %SERIAL% Variables.
The full description of it is here:

You may want to run backup to the file server at a later time, perhaps in the wee hours, and for that you can use its ability to schedule backup profiles, which it does by utilizing the Windows Task Scheduler. I run numerous backup profiles during the day...every hour of every day...and other backups daily during the wee hours. It allows you to specify the number of versions of a file to keep, which has saved me many times. The SE version may meet your needs, but even the Pro version is reasonably priced. This is extraordinarily good software — I would not be without it! Regards, Joe
I use Syncback Pro for backups.    It backs up drives, flash media, FTP servers, Systems across the LAN, etc....

It can also recognize a card/drive plugged in and then auto copy files from it to wherever.    It can recognize the drive letter or the drive label and then that'll trigger the backup automatically.  

It can also email you when it's done.

It might serve your purpose, take a look.
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