[Windows Server 2012 R2] RDS server - high memory use

We have a Hyper-V environment with 5 servers. One is our RDS-servers.

Specifications of this servers: Win 2012 R2, 50GB RAM (yesterday we changed it from 40 to 50), 16 virtual processors (yesterday we changed it from 12 to 16).

It works ok for us, but at this moment all the users are logged out.
Problem is the memory use, there is still 47,4 GB in use ( Even all the users are logged out). Can anyone explain this? Did we get automatically memory free when needed? There is no Exchange or SQL on this server.

I can't find big memory usage in Resource Monitor.

Thank you in advance.
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Program1981Author Commented:
it's ok now after modifying ie settings
Iamthecreator OMCommented:
Set the memory allocation to dynamic and  verify if the high utilisation persists.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
If you aren't seeing memory usage in the resource monitor, how are you determining how much memory is in use?
Program1981Author Commented:
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