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My client gave me to .pdf files ... in one you can search for text and find it and in the other you cannot.  These documents where scanned in from a paper document that had been filled out.
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Dear vbnetcoder,

my suggestion is that the one PDF file is already "edited" with an OCR Software so your PDF reader can find the Text you search.

The other PDF files just seems unedited, so my suggestion would be get an OCR Software (included e.g in Adobe Acrobat Standard) and run it over the 2nd PDF that Acrobat regocnises the Text.

Without the PDF files just contains a picture and the PDF viewer is not able to search for any Text in that picture, only an OCR Software is able to recognise the patterns in a picture and to tell "oh yes thats not just a picture that are letters a,b,c" and then writing that information into the PDF file and then the PDF viewer is able to search it.

If you have adobe standard just run the build in OCR feature:
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> These documents where scanned in from a paper document that had been filled out.

When scanning a paper doc, it is possible to create a PDF with (1) a pure raster image (bitmap/graphic) and no text or (2) both an image and text, with the text being created by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which Acrobat X calls Recognize Text and Acrobat XI calls Text Recognition. Most other document scanning/imaging/management products call it simply OCR.

So your PDF that is searchable had OCR applied and the other one didn't. I generally like to create PDF searchable image files from the get-go, that is, at scanning time. This shows the scan option in Acrobat XI:

Acrobat XI OCR
But if you already have a PDF image-only file, you may OCR it afterwards to create the text. In Acrobat X, do this via Tools>Recognize Text; in Acrobat XI, do it via Tools>Text Recognition. Here's what it looks like in XI:

Acrobat XI Tools-Text Recognition
This capability exists in both the Standard and Professional editions. If you don't have Acrobat, there are other (lower-priced, some even free) tools that can do it. Regards, Joe
Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
You should be able to do this with a free online tool as well, which allows you to convert it to a document for easy editing/searching/re-saving as a PDF if you want.

See my solution here:
vbnetcoderAuthor Commented:
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