Issues with importing a text file into Excel with specialk characters

I have a text file from an ERP system that we frequently need to import into Excel, however some of the product parts have a "+" sign in their number and Excel does not import and interpret those parts correctly.

I set the field as text when importing but those special type characters turn the number into something different

i.e. Import takes a value that looks like this +HGM-SZ and imports it into Excel as ᱣSZ

Any suggestions?

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Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
How do you open it?

Have you tried File - Open or Data - From Text and use a Unicode source?
jdr0606Author Commented:
Sorry I've taken so long to respond.

The origin default for opening a test file into Excel was 65000: UNICODE (UTF-7), when I changed to MS-DOs (PC-8), everything imported as expected.

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction
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