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Conditionally exit a subroutine

I have a button in my excel workbook that launches nine macros/routines.  The macros run one after the other and are dependent on the data generated by one or more of the previous.  Of course when I started i only ran three or so macros and the whole thing crept/grew to where I am now.  Problem I have is that I want to exit out of the routines if a error condition is found (I have a variable, error count, and if this equalls one or more the condition is met).  So say following the execution of macro #3 I run my error check and If if finds an error it will bail on the remaining macros.  

Alternately i can embed my macro into macro #3 and do the same bailing out.  

Still another option is to merge all the macros  into one , embed the error check code, and bail out if an error is found.  Bottom line is I don't know how to do this, nor how best to do this.
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To exit a subroutine, use Exit Sub

To do that conditionally, test for the condition using IF THEN, then have Exit Sub as the THEN part.
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If you want to chain them, then create a new routine that will invoke the other nine in succession.  After each routine ends, you check to see if they raised an error and act appropriately.
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I used a similar approach, but made the bError variable a global so that I could reference it multiple times for the same test.  not sure if i needed to, but that is what i did.
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