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User cannot open mailbox after migration from exchange 2007 to 2013

I'm in the process of migrating from Exchange 2007 SP3 U10 to Exchange 2013 CU7.  I have migrated over 100 mailboxes so far without any issues.  However, one of the users from my migration batch last night can no longer access their mailbox through Outlook or OWA.  I am able to log onto OWA and access their mailbox but they are not able to directly.  I don't know if this matters, but I also noticed that this user's mailbox is a linked mailbox, all other mailboxes I have move are user mailboxes.  There is no reason why this needs to be a linked mailbox but I am unable to convert it in 2013.  

I've looked at this article:  http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2521770

But when I perform a search in AD it's not returning any results.  

I found this error in the RCA_2015032713-1.LOG file of the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Logging\RPC Client Access folder:  MapiExceptionLogonFailed] Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80040111, ec=-2147221231

2015-03-27T13:06:58.361Z,51195,0,/O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT,,OUTLOOK.EXE,14.0.7143.5000,Classic,,"Connection Info[GUID:9ff5a8ab-37c1-4717-82b6-108858516444, Attempts:1, Flags:0, Ctx:]",fe80::fc1c:47b3:3ea2:d6%15,ncacn_http,,9476893f-280f-4509-9c88-ee05048e689c,"""{E75A48B4-B3D7-4CDD-9C21-64CF9EBD5AFB} Outlook=14.0.7143.5000 OS=6.1.7601""",Connect,0,00:00:00.0320000,"SID=S-1-5-21-606747145-57989841-682003330-5891, Flags=None",,,,useraccount@company.com,
2015-03-27T13:06:58.392Z,51195,1,/O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT,,OUTLOOK.EXE,14.0.7143.5000,Classic,,,,ncacn_http,Client=MSExchangeRPC,,,OwnerLogon,-2147221231 (rop::LogonFailed),00:00:00.0160000,"Logon: Owner, /O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT in database  last mounted on mailserver.company.com","RopHandler: Logon: [ConnectionFailedTransientException] Cannot open mailbox /O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT. -> [MapiExceptionLogonFailed] Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80040111, ec=-2147221231)  [diag::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]   at M.E.D.S.MailboxSession.ForceOpen(MapiStore linkedStore, Boolean unifiedSession)     at M.E.D.S.MailboxSession.Initialize(MapiStore linkedStore, LogonType logonType, IExchangePrincipal owner, DelegateLogonUser delegateUser, Object identity, OpenMailboxSessionFlags flags, GenericIdentity auxiliaryIdentity, Boolean unifiedSession)     at M.E.D.S.MailboxSession.<>c__DisplayClass1c.<CreateMailboxSession>b__1a(MailboxSession mailboxSession)     at M.E.D.S.MailboxSession.InternalCreateMailboxSession(LogonType logonType, IExchangePrincipal owner, DelegateLogonUser delegatedUser, CultureInfo cultureInfo, String clientInfoString, IBudget budget, Action`1 initializeMailboxSession, InitializeMailbox",,,useraccount@company.com,
2015-03-27T13:06:58.392Z,51195,1,/O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT,,OUTLOOK.EXE,14.0.7143.5000,Classic,,,,ncaMapiExceptionLogonFailed] Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80040111, ec=-2147221231)cn_http,Client=MSExchangeRPC,,,,0x6BA (rpc::Exception),00:00:00.0630000,SessionDropped,"RpcEndPoint: [ServerUnavailableException] Connection must be re-established -> [SessionDeadException] The primary owner logon has failed. Dropping a connection. -> [ConnectionFailedTransientException] Cannot open mailbox /O=XXX/OU=XXX/cn=Recipients/cn=USERACCOUNT. -> [

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Hypercat (Deb)

If you look at the full access permissions for the mailbox, does it show the owner/user as having full access?  I might be inclined to try disabling the mailbox and then re-enabling it, if you haven't already done that.  Did you mailbox move process show any errors?

Another option - a bit of work - would be to export the mailbox contents, since you have access to it, remove the mailbox completely, create a new mailbox for the user and then reimport the contents.
Will Szymkowski

A linked mailbox is based accessed from a user from another trusted forest on your Exchange server. I would suggest that you export the mailbox to a PST, create a new mailbox in Exchange 2013 and import the PST file into the new mailbox. I would do this for any other users going forward during this migration process.


This user was never a part of another forest so I'm not sure why they were a linked mailbox to begin with.  I have about 20 mailboxes in Exchange 2007 that are linked mailboxes, all are employees that have been here much longer than I have.  I will convert these remaining linked mailboxes to user mailboxes in Exchange 2007 before I migrate if that is the problem here.  Much easier than exporting and importing to a new mailbox.
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Will Szymkowski

It is easier to convert the mailboxes if you can, but if you run into issues doing this then exporting the mailbox is another option.


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Disabling the mailbox and reconnecting it as a user mailbox to the same AD account resolved the issue.