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SBS2003 migration: Adding a member server

This is 1 of several questions we need to ask about migrating from Small Business Server 2003 to a standard Domain running 1 server with Server 2012 R2. So please limit your answer to this one specific question:

When adding a member server to SBS2003, what issues are faced? ...things like will SBS2003 have licensing issues and stop running?

Briefly, we do not use some of the SBS2003 subsystems like WSUS, SharePoint, Remote Desktop Services (RRAS), DFS/FRS, and Exchange will move to the cloud.
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We have 20 new CALS for the new server.  The old server has 20 of it's own CALS.
Don't can't remember the best way to load them, "per user" or whatever the other way is.
You load them into your filing cabinet and present them if ever requested in an audit.  Windows has no place to install them.  SBS 2003 did.  SBS 2008 and SBS 2011 do not, nor does Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, or 2012 R2.

CALs are assigned EITHER to human beings (NOT user accounts) or to DEVICES - a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.

If your company has 30 people each working in 3 shifts of 10 and NEVER, EVER connecting from home or devices other than systems in the office, you can use 10 DEVICE CALs.  Since MOST companies have employees with multiple devices it's ALMOST always better to get USER CALs, one for each human being using the server.