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Group Policy to Relocate all desktop media files

Is there a GPO that will relocate all media files it finds on the desktop to specified folder on the desktop?
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No, that's not within Group Policy's scope. For starters, the definition of "media files" is loose and will vary between implementations.

It would be best accomplished with a custom script, which could perhaps be deployed as a logon script. Better: if you use folder redirection for the Desktop folder, then the script could easily be run at the file server and not need to go near the client machines.
ei00004Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I would not want to use folder redirection because I only need to move media files, not and entire folder and the media files can be located anywhere, in any folder name on their desktop. I will try to create a custom login script to do this, I guess I could build it around the C:\>dir /s command, where I can search and find certain media files types at once. Once I find them then I can relocate them.

Kind of using this format :
C:\CD\Users\Usersname\Desktop (change directory to the user's desktop
C: dir /s *.mpg *.wma *.mpeg *.mts  (search for all files with these extensions.)
Yes, something to that effect would work -- Powershell might be more flexible, if all your clients are modern versions of Windows with native PoSH support.

I would not want to use folder redirection because I only need to move media files, not and entire folder
The remark regarding folder redirection was not intended to be a solution, but merely intended to point out an alternative solution if you were using it, since then you can script it at the server. If not, then as you are currently looking at, a scripted approach at each client is the next best solution.
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