Sonicwall TZ200, still relevant? Still worthwhile to buy in today's security environment? Other Sonicwalls I should look at?

I have a client with a Sonicwall TZ200, the unit is about three years old. It is time to renew the IPS and Antivirus signatures. The license for two years is $200.00. Besides not having a gigabit port, is this firewall worth keeping or should I look at a newer Sonicwall model? I like Sonicwall and prefer to keep this brand. Do not need Wireless. I see the Sonicwall TZ200 available for several hundred dollars so the unit seems to me to be outdated. Would like to keep my budget under $700.00 for a better unit, ie Gigabit port and faster througput. Thanks
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
If it does what you need it's still a good unit. I don't think they go past 5.9 firmware but that isn't missing much.

If it's just your internet connection then gigabit ports shouldn't even matter.

If it's slowing you down, the next step up is a tz215 and the next one after that is an nsa2600. If you tell me a bit more about your connection, environment, and how much of the available sonicwall security stuff you want to run, I can help choose.

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Besides the above:
in general if it still is valid for the environment, it is still relevant.
Gigabit ports dont help to speed up a 40Mbps data link, Unless you use the equipment as a router where a lot of local traffic goes through it. (LAN->LAN, possibly in another VLAN).
If you notice that the CPU is maxed out permanently then you may need a heavier model....
So you most need some information about it's current performance.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
SonicWALL TZ 200 Series already in the Limited Retirement Mode and it ends on January 14, 2017, and it will transit into End of Support. This indicate that Sonicwall will no longer develop or release firmware updates or new features for these products. Also its software and firmware support for products in LRM is limited to critical bugs and security vulnerabilities. Support contracts are not available for purchase on products.

Agree if it is running fine, then status quo for the time being probably 3-4 yrs of running is good mark before change since it is already a UTM. I suggest you catch this posting and the expert suggestion to as the advice is also on transiting out of TZ200. Key pointers to note include:

a) NSA model for 50 user or so (otherwise TZ model suffice)
b) Check on existing system status in term of CPUs: usage (%),Connections Peak: (#), Connection Usage: usage (%). The next model of TZ should be supporting around (e.g. 1.5x) more to scale out for future requirement  
c) Check that Comprehensive Security Suite is already taken up minimally (should have since this is the "icing")

Eventually TZ215 or TZ220 is good candidate considering the budget too, with next level of NSA 220 as suggested. The variant is mainly on the throughput and connection range. Key is your comfortable balance to go for the next 3-4yrs.
The CGSS renewal for a TZ200 for one year is about $260, $383 for two.

For you to use a Secure Upgrade Plus to a TZ205 with 3 years CGSS, the cost is $754. So if you consider 3 years of renewals there is no cost to move to the T205.

The TZ205 does have a gigabit interface, and about 5 times the throughput of the TZ200.
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