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msm410 as a repeater for belkin

I have a couple retired msm410's that I am no longer using at the office that I am attempting to use with my home belkin wifi router.  Currently I have them set up in autonomous mode with their own ssid pulling DHCP from the Belkin via the LAN.  what I would like to do is set these up as a repeater for the belkin to help cover more of my property under the same global SSID.  I have tried meshing the msm to the mac for the belkin to no avail.  I do not see any options for a mesh in the belkin.  is this possible or will I need to run a separate ssid for the hp's?  Or would it work just as well if I just set all of them to the same SSID / encryption / password?
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Or would it work just as well if I just set all of them to the same SSID / encryption / password?

Repeating is the last resort - it's always better to wire an AP and use the same SSID / encryption / password.


Ok, the only concern I have there is devices picking between the two.  by default will the device go for the stronger signal, say the msm is showing 4 bars and the belkin is only registering 1?
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Not necessarily.

The client will send a probe to see what's about.  If one AP answers before the other the chances are that the client will go with that one.  However, if the AP's signal is particularly poor (and below a set of thresholds set by the WLAN NIC) the client may decide that another AP is a better choice and join that one instead.

If the client sees two APs with different signal strengths (amongst other values) it may not automatically jump to the one with the better signal as long as the other AP is within the thresholds.

Saying that, if the client can see two or more APs and one is significantly better than the others the client will usually try to connect to that one in the first instance.