HP Storageworks MSA20 Drivers

HI Guys,

We have quite an old storage in my company called HP Storageworks MSA20, and we desperately need the drivers in order to get some files off it.

We connected a XP windows pc to it. There are no drivers on the HP site.

Please can somone help! is there anywhere else i can get these drivers?

Thank you in advance.

Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAsked:
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This is a storage enclosure that's normally connected to another HP server. Can you give some specifics regarding the controller you have in the PC and the connection between the enclosure and the client? What type of cable/connection are you using? You mention files, which indicates that there is some existing RAID configuration. I have some doubts that this can be made to work without the server and controller that used to be attached to it but if you provide some more details it will be easier to make a recommendation.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
There are no drivers for a MSA20, the only drivers needed are for the Smart Array 6400 that you connect it to.

> I have some doubts that this can be made to work without the server and controller that used to be attached to...

Yes indeed, it needs to connect to the 6400 controller, From Quickspecs:
NOTE: The MSA20 had an onboard controller module. When the MSA20 is directly attached to a
ProLiant server with a Smart Array controller, the MSA20 controller module functions as the array
controller and the Smart Array Controller acts as the Host Adapter. When the MSA20 is connected to a
MSA1500 controller shelf, the MSA1500 or MSA1510i controller functions as the array controller and
present the MSA20 as a JBOD.

Note though that you cannot connect it to a standard SCSI HBA even though it is using its internal RAID controller, it needs to be connected to a Smart Array controller. You'll need a PCI slot for the controller I'm afraid, there isn't a PCIe/parallel SCSI Smart Array controller available so you need to use the one PCI-X from the server. There are PCIe to PCI riser cards that may let you put the 6400 in a PCIe based machine - http://www.idotpc.com/thestore/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1171 for example, The 6400 will work in a PCI slot so long as the overhanging connector doesn't foul anything. Probably worth a try as it's only $55.

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Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Hi Albatros

> Can you give some specifics regarding the controller you have in the PC and the connection between the enclosure and the client?

My colleagues built a windows xp machine and connected to it.

What type of cable/connection are you using?

the machine contains a SCSI connection to the storage device
Thomas RushCommented:
As AndyAlder pointed out, the storage controller is critical.  In order to get data off the system, you must install an appropriate HP SmartArray controller.   Your easiest course of action to avoid struggling to try to get server drivers to work in Windows XP may be to buy an older working server (some are available on ebay, for instance) and SmartArray controller.  I suggest you try to find one with a working battery; a dead battery may hamper your ability to do certain things with the array, and could slow performance as well.

It would serve you well to spend some time reading the product information so you don't make a mistake and kill the data on the array accidentally.   The MSA 20 support page is at MSA 20.  The SmartArray 6400 manual is here.

There are data recovery services that can get your data back, but they are going to charge a bunch of money.   There's no reason you can't do it if you invest in the right server platform, read up to understand how the controller and array operate, and work carefully.
Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
hi guys.

My colleague already tried a hp proliant dl380 server, he attached a scsi card to it and it again asked for drivers.

is there any spefic servers anyone here can recommend, there are quite a few on ebay.co.uk but i am usure which one to buy that will diffinetely work.

thank you in advance.

andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
What do you mean by "he attached a scsi card to it"? Was it a Smart Array controller he connected it to?

It doesn't matter what server you use so long as it has a Smart Array controller in it to connect to the MSA20.
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