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2012 MDT Migration Issue

I just recently moved my MDT 2012 setup from a Windows 2008r2 server to a Windows 2012 server by installing the deployment tools and rolls on the 2012 server, then creating a deployment share link. I then replicated everything over and rebuilt the boot .WIM by using the Update Deployment Share feature and selecting the rebuild option.

Now when I run a deployment task sequence it brings up the product key page despite the fact that all task sequences have a license key associated with them.

I have confirmed that they are still present in the unttended.xml editor. I have also created a new task sequence where I added the license key purring setup, and it still asks me for a license key during the deployment process.

Anyone have any idea why this is?
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Try adding SkipProductKey=YES on the MDT share properties.  I'm pretty sure you can skip the product key during setup, then add it later via SLMGR later in the task sequence if needed.
in your customsettings.ini  \\server\share\control\customsettings.ini  or from the gui, right click the share select properties | rules then add in the [default] section
SkipProductKey = YES.  It will skip that page.
Priority=CSettings, CPackages, CApps, CAdmins, CRoles, Locations, LSettings, LPackages, LApps, LAdmins, LRoles, MMSettings, MMPackages, MMApps, MMAdmins, MMRoles, RSettings, RPackages, RApps, RAdmins, Default

_SMSTSORGNAME=%TaskSequenceID% soon to be in service...
TimeZoneName=Eastern Standard Time 

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don't forget to modify your bootstrap.ini to point to the right 'new' location
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Bootstrap.ini is pointing to the correct server.

Unfortunately we do not have a license manager at my company, so I can't skip the license step. I need it to work, and it did work on this system's Windows Server 2008r2 predecessor.

The only things that have changed, as far as I can tell, are the fact that the server it is running on is now Server 2012 and the Lite Touch PE .WIM has been rebuilt. Before I rebuilt the .WIM the system would not accept any user's authentication, so I was unable to proceed with the deployment process and as a result I can't tell you if it was working before that (on this server).
Stepping back for a second...what OS are we talking about deploying and what is the SKU...Pro, Enterprise?
Unfortunately we do not have a license manager at my company, so I can't skip the license step. I need it to work, and it did work on this system's Windows Server 2008r2 predecessor. you can if the product key is in the unattend.xml (task sequence) or pulled from SQL

your problem is with your bootstrap.ini and possibly the share not existing.


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if you change your bootstrap.ini you have to update your deployment and don't forget to update WDS with the new .wim file (chose replace)
The system is used to deploy Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro. But this task sequence is deploying Windows 7 Pro x64.

The share absolutely does exist. I have verified both the share name as well as the associated access rights are correct on the server.

When I use the Edit Bootsratp.ini button on the Rules tab it shows the correct server and share name. But It does not show the same thing in the window. I have added the server to the window as well as the "Edit Bootstrap.ini" interface.

I will test and let you know what happens.
Oops, left out one thing.

The product key is already in the Unattended.xml.

It is in both WindowsPE/amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Setup__neutral_31bf3856ad364e35_nonSxS/User Data/Product Key location and the  Specialize/amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup__neutral_31bf3856ad364e35_nonSxS locations,
Okay, I've made sure that the code found in the "Rules" tab window and the code found with the "Edit Bootstrap.ini" button  are the same then updated the deployment share. The content is as follows (scrubbed of system specifics)


DeployRoot=\\Correct server\Correct share$
UserDomain=Company Domain
UserPassword=Correct Password

It is still not picking up the license key that is loaded into the Unattended.xml file and as a result it is still asking me for a license key during the deployment process.

It is also not using the credentials to bypass the initial log in process to start the deployment, but that is far less important than getting the license key to deploy with the OS so I will open a separat ticket for it if I can't figure it out.
It sounds like it is "replaying" an old task sequence from C:\minint.  Are you trying these deployments with a completely clean disk?  You can do a straight copy and paste of the MDT infrastructure from one server to another...all you have to do is after copying it, go to the new server and update the rules and bootstrap.ini file with the new server name.

If you do a copy and paste of the working bits to another server, I don't know how it possibly cannot work like it did before.
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I see. I was under the impression that the skipproductkey flag was an override for the unattended.xml settings meaning that it would not use the pre-loaded product key. I understand now.