Notification of logging into servers

I'm looking to find a way to implement a way to notify via email that somebody is logging into any of our servers we have.... Does anyone have an idea and advice as to how to implement this?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
One way...
1. Download Blat (or other command-line mailer)
2. Add this to your user logon script:
blat -server yourserver -to -f -subject "%username% logged in from %computername% at %time%" -body "%USERNAME% logged in from %computername% at %time%"

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RVFB ITAuthor Commented:
we use gmail... wondering if you could elaborate those parameters based on knowing that fact? i've looked at syntax for blat and tried a couple times with no luck
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
>> we use gmail
To use w/ gmail, you have to setup a connection via an SSL tunnel. See:

>> ...elaborate those parameters
See for parameter descriptions.

Testing in a CMD prompt before adding or calling it from your logon script helps, too.

I've tested this, which works. Make a .bat file of it:
- For testing/issues, un-REM the debug and log lines below.


set svr=-server
set to=-to
set from=-f
set subject=-s "%username% logged in from %computername% on %date% %time%"
set body=-body "%USERNAME% logged in from %computername% on %date% %time%"
REM set debug=-debug
REM set log=-log \\server\share\blat-debug.txt

blat %from% %svr% %to% %subject% %body% %debug% %log%

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RVFB ITAuthor Commented:
I added Stunnel and when i try to run the following in a batch file, a DOS window just continuously loops and keeps executing this forever and ever... I starred my password out for security of my email account... I feel like i'm really close to having this, but can't get past this batch script file for some reason... why is it doing an infinite loop? and i never get an email..

set PW=*****
set FROMNAME=Server Logon Notification
set SUBJECT="%username% logged in from %computername% at %time%"
set BODY="%username% logged in from %computername% at %time%"
blat -server %SERVER% -f %FROMNAME% -u %USER% -pw %PW% -to %TO% -cc %CC% -subject %SUBJECT% -body %BODY%
RVFB ITAuthor Commented:

I tried your batch script too and it just does an infinite loop and never sends me an email.... dont know what i'm missing here
RVFB ITAuthor Commented:
I ended up going with the SendEmail command line mailer... It didn't involved Stunnel and was simpler and got me the results I wanted in the end. Thanks!
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Thanks for the update, Keith. I appreciate it. I'm glad you found a simpler solution SendEmail. I'll consider SendEmail, also.
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