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Ok I am setting up a web server, this is the first one I have set up in about 7 years so I am a little rusty. I am running Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.5 hosted with 1&1. I have gone into IIS, added a new site and set the IP address for the site to the dedicated IP address assigned to my hosting account. However when I attempt to access the domain through an external browser I am still being redirected to the "Default Web Site" that 1&1 has set up in IIS. I have looked at the bindings of the default site and it is set to use "All Unassigned" IP addresses but since I assigned the primary IP address to my new site I thought that would, by default, override the "All Unassigned" setting.

My question is how do I get my site to be primary in IIS? I know I am missing a step somewhere but I cannot figure out what I have overlooked. I would prefer not to delete the Default Web Site because it is there for a reason.
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Are you using a DNS name to access your site?  If you are, is the DNS name only resolving to the IP address you assigned to your new site?  If it is just the server name it may have two entries for both IP's and that could be causing the issue if it is resolving the wrong IP.

Also, have you made sure your site is actually started?  Even though it is created it may not have started so you could right click it and make sure it is started.

If it still isn't working, you can try and set a host header in the binding and see if that helps.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
I'd simply stop the default web site.  You can leave it stopped without deleting it.  The "it is there for a reason" is actually not a big deal.  Some applications (Exchange being notable) will install stuff there, but in a default non-hosted install, it does nothing.  It is a placeholder.  So unless 1&1 is going crazy and throwing a ton of stuff in there (which I doubt) it can safely be stopped (or even deleted, but why bother...just in case down the road you need it) and let your site take precedence.
gactoAuthor Commented:
rgorman - I am using DNS and it is resolving to the correct IP address. The domain is www. spivey.farm and the IP address is I have stopped and started the service several times so I am certain now that it is running.

Cliff - I didn't mention it in my post but I did stop the Default Web Site earlier and I am still getting the same results. The web page that is displayed when I navigate to www.spivey.farm is the Parallels Plesk page that bound to the Default Web Site in IIS.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
in your bindings for the new website.. you did create a new website and not added a virtual directory by righclicking sites and selecting add website.
you should have got this page

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gactoAuthor Commented:
David - I had everything in the site setup exactly as you indicated above except for "Host name:" in "Binding" was spivey.farm instead of www.spivey.farm. I changed that one setting and everything is working now. Thanks for the suggestion, this was really starting to get on my nerves. Now can you tell me why this caused the site to work? Why couldn't I access the site with "spivey.farm" as the "Host name:" when I was typing spivey.farm as the URL in my web browser?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
most browsers automatically add the http://www. prefix and the .com suffix
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