Create script that would search for list of printer serial number ?


I am looking for Power script  that can search for printers by serial number and will  generate CSV output file with

ip address:
mac address:

Thx. Mike
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Hi Mike, are you asking just to filter that input file based on a serial number entered by the user?

michalek19Author Commented:
What i am looking for is to run script against printer archived  inventory csv file and filter "search"  only serial numbers that i need to find it. The output should create serial number, IP address, hostname, MAC address, FAX#.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Guess the best way is to extract the "real CSV data" part, import it, and then do some selection and processing:
$sn = 'CN37PEK09Z', 'CNB9B8FBB2'
select-string -Pattern '^,[\s\d]' -Path C:\Temp\EE\Devinv.csv | convertFrom-CSV |
  ? { $sn -contains $_.{Serial Number} } |
  select 'Serial Number', 'IP Address', 'IP Hostname', 'Fax' |
  export-CsV -NoType C:\Temp\EE\DevSel.csv

Open in new window

Note there is no MAC address in the inventory CSV.
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michalek19Author Commented:
I will check this method
michalek19Author Commented:
This looks good but how i can also search for MAC address and Serial number and IP address.
I want to have option to choose during the search.
Also, i want to provide input file ".csv" file  that would contain Serial numbers or MAC address or IP address
Hi, try this.

# Input File
$InputFile = 'C:\Temp\Scripts\Devinv.csv'
# Output File
$OutputFile = 'C:\Temp\Scripts\DevSel.csv'
# Possible Search Fields
$searchFields = "Serial Number", "IP Address", "Hardware Address (MAC)"
# Select the index of the search field here
$searchField = $searchFields[0] # Serial Number
#$searchField = $searchFields[1] # IP Address
#$searchField = $searchFields[2] # MAC Address
# Enter the items you want to find here
$searchItems = 'CN37PEK09Z', 'CNB9B8FBB2' # Serial Number
#$searchItems = '', '' # IP Address
#$searchItems = '001438A4D24A', '0014383D536E' # MAC Address
# This will perform the search
Select-String -Pattern '^,[\s\d]' -Path $InputFile | ConvertFrom-CSV | 
  Where-Object { $searchItems -contains $_."$searchField" } |
  Select 'Serial Number', 'IP Address', 'IP Hostname', 'Fax' #|
  Export-CSV -NoType $OutputFile
#Invoke-Item $OutputFile

Open in new window

Note that you need to select the appropriate $searchField to search for from this list:
$searchField = $searchFields[0] # Serial Number
$searchField = $searchFields[1] # IP Address
$searchField = $searchFields[2] # MAC Address

And also the items you want to search for from this list:
$searchItems = 'CN37PEK09Z', 'CNB9B8FBB2' # Serial Number
$searchItems = '', '' # IP Address
$searchItems = '001438A4D24A', '0014383D536E' # MAC Address



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michalek19Author Commented:
i will check this
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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