Windows 2012 R2 RDS Deployment Best Practices for HA?

I would like to set up Windows 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services.  I have 2 Windows 2012 R2 services to work with and need to have HA between the servers.  I have set up an RDS Farm with the 2 servers.  What would be Best Practices on setting up the roles between the 2 servers:  I was thinking the following, but wanted to make sure I was going down the right path:
RDSServer01:  RDConnection Broker; RDWeb Access, RDSession Host, License Server
RDSServer02: RDConnection Broker; RDSession Host
Using Wildcard certificates purchased from GoDaddy
Host record for DNS round robin services
SQL Server Instance: Farm DB
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Round robin is virtually dead in 2012 and 2012 R2.  You shouldn't be using it for RDSH at all. It is still used for the RDCB for discovery, but that's it.

With only two servers, it is going to be very difficult to get true high availability. Both connection brokers will want access to SQL, and that means either a SQL cluster or SQL AlwaysOn...neither of which is usually something you want running on your RDSH servers for performance reasons.   A single SQL server is a single point of failure, which is just kicking the can from the RDSH or RDCB to the SQL server and wouldn't meet HA goals.
trinity2007Author Commented:
We would be better of then with 2 RDSH servers and 2 separate RDCB servers, with a SQL cluster in order to attain HA.  (And the RD Gateway server for external users).  Unfortunately, we only have 1 primary SQL server in the environment.  The whole thing with the setup is going to be used for DynamicsAX, and the company wants HA for production.
Reason I mentioned round robin is an article I had found mentioned setting this up.  
Back to the drawing board, and I'll reach out to our consultants for DynamicsAX.
Thank you,
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