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Car radio will not remember presets

I have a car radio that will not remember the presets once I turn off the engine for awhile. Its fine when Im driving it around. Im thinking its either the battery or the constant power to it? Any recommendations on how to fix this? I just installed an aftermarket radio.
Thomas N
Thomas N
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It is hard to know what is in your radio with what you gave us. My radios will survive a car battery replacement with no issue.

So I guess (1) the battery in the radio to maintain presets is dead / defective or (2) the aftermarket radio has no constant power source inside.

Even an old radio would maintain stations with minimal draw on the car battery with the engine off. A week at least. So the radio could be defective in addition to my other two points.
Modern car stereos do not remember presets once powered off.
You need to wire it to have constant power, there will be an insignificant drain on the battery if wired to always have power to remember presets.
Also read:
Car stereos have two power wires. Ours does and it is an older car.
One to battery and one for the ignition. The battery wire maintains the memory.
When you turn you car ignition on, it turns the radio on.
That is the way ours works. All our setting such as clock and channels, is all correct.
The memory and settings never go off because they are connected to a continuous power source.
You should see this in your installation manual.
You may be able to find the manual from the manufacturer website.
"I just installed an aftermarket radio."

Did you wire it yourself?
Does it have a clock and does the clock also show the wrong time? If the clock shows the wrong time, then whoever wired it may have missed wiring the power wire that has power always to maintain the memory presets and clock.
If the clock is correct but some presets reset to default then it the design of the radio and cannot be helped.
Since you have not given model details I suggest you see installdr.com for PDF wiring information for the most popular automakers.
As I said above, the power wire that has power always to maintain the memory presets and clock. That is your issue for sure Thomas.
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