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Network Shares only accessible when 'everyone' has full control - Server 2012

I have created an Administrator account for myself on the Server 2012 box and shared a folder that I have given Administrators full access to. I get 'access denied' every time I try to map a drive to the share with those credentials. If I open the rights up to 'everyone', I can then map with no issues. Where is my happy medium here?
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Share Permissions should be set to Everyone Full Control and NTFS permissions should be set accordingly. Make sure that those permissions are set properly first. Also is the account you are using to access this share part of the same domain?

I say this because when you say that the Everyone Permission it works Everyone works if your on a domain or not. Are you using a local administrator account on a member machine rather than a domain admin account?

Have you also tired this with another account other than the administrator?

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Are you talking about share permissions or ntfs security rights?
Consider setting 'Authenticated Uers' (not everyone) for the share rights because Everyone truly means everyone. Also, please be aware that the default share permission only gives you read access so you'll see 'Access Denied' even if all the NTFS rights are in place.

Check if the 'Administrators' you picked is actually the right group. For example, if you create a local admin account and then give access rights to the Domain 'Administrators' group, you will not have access.


That did the trick! I only have to modify these settings about once every seven years when the server gets replaced. I forget about share rights vs. NTFS rights. Editing the share rights to everyone and then moving to NTFS rights for adjusting access worked very well.

One last question:
On this Server 2012 machine, I have added my account to the Administrators group. I cannot map a drive to C$ on that server using that account - access denied. UAC is disabled on that Server and C is not shared but shouldn't an admin be able to map to that with the $ regardless, just like the good ol' days?

Thanks again!


It was UAC being enabled that prevented the C$ mapping. It's all taken care of. Thanks again everyone for the information.