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My 2003 AD/DC didn't upgrade from 2003 to 2012r2


I added a 2012r2 AD/DC to my 2003 domain/forest. I raised the functional level of the forest and the DC's from 2000 to 2003 last night and waited until today to move forward.  I did the migration per instruction in a wonderful online tutorial, step by step with screen shots.

Everything seemed to go OK with replication coming from my secondary DC rather than the one with the FSMO roles.  I did some of the post checks recommended in the article and once again, nothing out of the ordinary however, when i the functional domain level on the old and new controllers, it says it current level is 2003. The 2003 servers say they are operating at the highest possible level.  The 2012r2 server states:

 You cannot raise the domain functional level because this domain contains Active Directory Domain Controllers that are not running the appropriate version of Windows.

The version in the my computer --> properties shows they are running Server 2003 sp2.

Any ideas of what is happening and how to fix it?
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NVITEnd-user support
If you have 2003 servers, 2003 is highest you can go.
Distinguished Expert 2018
Perfectly normal. The highest you can raise the levels is 2003 as long as you have a 2003 DC. You'd have to retire the 2003 servers before you could raise the levels higher.
smantzDirector of Technology


How long should I wait to transfer FSMO roles from the 2003 server to 2012r2 server. Since I'm retiring two 2003 DC's should I wait to add my second 2012 DC?
Distinguished Expert 2018

As long as you have seen successful and completed replication, you can transfer the roles. Just watch your event logs.