I was viewing a query offline (can't post the fully query here) that contained a JOIN but instead of
having the JOIN condition for the Primary Key =  Foreign key
the syntax was  Primary key LIKE Foreign key.    My question is I have never seen a T-SQL JOIN before like this.
If you have can you give me an example of when you would use LIKE instead of = in a JOIN.
Thanks for the help.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You would use a LIKE when the values were similar.  For example ZIP codes and 3 digit USPS postal codes.  As you may or may not know the USP postal rates for packages greater than 13 oz are determined based on the 3 digit ZIP codes, So your SQL query could look like this (assuming that the USPS had values for ZIPCode3 such as "760%":

FROM ShipAddress s
            USPSZones u on s.ZIPCode LIKE u.ZIPCode3

I am not saying this is a good approach or not, merely giving you an example.  So don't shoot the messenger.
fjkaykr11Author Commented:
Anthony thank you for the detailed explanation.  I really appreciate it.
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