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Public Folders in Exchange 2007 SP2 OWA

landiiiks2 asked
I have Exchange 2007 with SP2 installed.  If I go to the shell, and run the command "get-owavirtualdirectory | fl" it returns (among many other things)  "PublicFoldersEnabled" = True.  Yet when I go into OWA I don't see a link to the public folders.  Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance.
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Infrastructure Engineer
What browser area you using? try a different browsers like Google Chrome

Public folders does not appear on my IE11 but does on Chrome.

once I added my URl to Compatible view settings - Public Folders Appears in IE11

which version for SP/  CU are you running ....Can you go with latest one & check the status.


Thank you!  They don't show up at all in Chrome, but did show up in IE after I put it in compatibility mode.  I should have thought of that, but I didn't.  So thanks!