metasploit exploit on windows 7 without requiring a payload

Does anyone know of any working Metasploit exploits against windows 7 ultimate which does not require a payload?
It seems like XP had some but none work on Windows 7 ultimate (no firewall, no av, only service pack 1).

I am conducting offensive security in a lab. All units are owned by me.

My attacker machine is running Metasploit from Kali Linux. It is fully updated.  My victim machine is just a basic Windows 7 ultimate service-pack 1 image.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Typically it will be the stager or dropper that does not have a payload, before they does the callback to grab the real exploit kit or further arsenal. If you are referring to exploit vulnerability on target machine, you need (and still required) the exploit to be fetched into the machine to further the modus operandi. The initial cover can be via phishing email, and attachment with embedded obfuscated script that is dump out onto target machine file store and later called to execute. I will say there is payload (probably broken up as staged type) regardless but just not easily detectable as long as it is not in executable state in any form of signature.

See the various MS payload types

Maybe it is to go for staged or minimise the payload size...e.g.
 msfpayload PAYLOAD O
 use payload/PAYLOAD
 payload(PAYLOAD) > generate

Eventually it is the evasion (if I see it, or merely for brute forcing entry only) as the main objective, we wouldn't be "achieve" any by being toothless but there are other means like coming up with waterholed website or compromised website to lead user into this crafted site and exploit them on the machine. Visit the website, have an web-adv (or hidden iframe) enticed user to click (or redirected in background) to go into the compromised site for the download of the exploit (or payload) ... eventually. For info, SET (social engineering toolkit) based on MS framework that does cover the faked website setup etc
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Eepending on patch level you can probably exploit via a missing patch, but 97% of metaspolit is payload's or getting users to execute them. Weak passwords can be guessed and you can get in that way:
If your metasploit is on the same network as the host, you can have a go at ms14-068
An easy frame of reference for me is:
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