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Dell Server Error

Hi, I have a Dell R720xd. I see from Dell OpenManage Server Administrator portal that there is an error is RAID controller. But I cannot find more information. All harddisk are working fine. Any idea about the source of warning? Thank you.
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Can you upload DSET report please. www.dell.com/dset


The DSET report contains some sensitive info. So I have sent to you by message.

Thank you for the help.
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All I can see is that after you replaced the failed 6Gb SAS disk with a 12Gb SAS disk it rebuilt successfully but now has the following lines in the file...

03/10/15 17:24:48: ArDiskTypeMisMatch : NO_MIXING_VIOLATION  array=0  destPD=3
03/10/15 18:56:11: EVT#04705-03/10/15 18:56:11: 114=State change on PD 03(e0x20/s3) from REBUILD(14) to ONLINE(18)
03/10/15 18:56:11: EVT#04706-03/10/15 18:56:11:  81=State change on VD 00/0 from DEGRADED(2) to PARTIALLY DEGRADED(1)
03/10/15 18:56:11: ldIsFPCapable: LD 00 disabled reason degraded

So it basically means you can't use LSI Fastpath on that logical disk, but fastpath is for SSDs so it's irrelevant in this situation. You shouldn't be getting the error. Methinks LSI's firmware whinges incorrectly.

It's happy to use a 12Gb disk as replacement for a 6Gb one but then says it's partially degraded because the bulk of the disks aren't as good as the one you fitted. I would expect such behaviour if there was one SAS2 disk in an array of SAS3 disks but not the other way around.

One for you to log with Dell and for them to pass on to LSI by the looks of it. David Lethe may be able to shed more light on the matter if he has the source code.


Great. Thank you for the information.