Non-disclosure agreement

I  need to hire a developer to help me on a project.  Does anyone know where I can find a simple non-disclosure agreement?

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Anyone can use a simple form when hiring a contractor or other person when classified information is involved. Here is a basic one you can copy and print and fill in the blanks. You can read it to see what the terms need to be.

Know as much as you can about the agreements before maybe visiting a lawyer.
A quick google search for "non-disclosure agreement template free" provides many different results.  If you are in the US, one even has a state specific non-disclosure agreement template -

I'd suggest you consult your attorney for that, as the laws are handled differently in each region, and those people should know best how to handle it properly.
I second the use of an Attorney. That is one of the reasons they exist. Depending on how in-depth you need it to be will determine the price quoted. Most lawyers have generic templates for all sorts of agreements.

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