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How do I sync (copy) one iTunes 12 playlist to one iOS 8.2 iPod

How do ‘sync’ (add is correct term?) One iTunes 12 playlist to one iPod (latest Version) and *not* delete/remove any playlists from either iTunes 12 (OS X Yosemite) or attached iPod

I keep seeing these messages…

Are you sure you want to remove existing music, movies, TV shows, books, and tones from this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?

Music, movies, TV shows, books, and tones synced to “Dark Matter” from other iTunes libraries will be removed and items will be synced from this iTunes library.

I have looked at these web pages and still see above messages


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Open iTunes, connect iPod to your computer, then press and hold Command-Option until you see the iPod show up in the devices.  (Pressing and holding Command-Option prevents the automatic syncing).

Then, select the iPod and check the box that says "manage music manually."  You can then manually copy onto the iPod whatever songs you want to copy, without affecting anything else.
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Repeated the following a few times, with [added steps]

Started iTunes
While holding down Command-Option  keys, connected operating iPod
clicked on iPod icon at  upper left of window, under volume control
Clicked Add To... in Click the Add to... window
Clicked 'Playlists' in resulting list - could not find desired playlist
Created desired playlist [name] on iPod with iTunes
Verified playlist had data on Mac ITunes

Repeated above a few times, with [added steps]
With iPod playlists visible, no way to directly access Mac iTunes playlists.

Tried a few other steps, no luck

I find iTunes to be particularly useless for simple click-n-drag tasks when dealing with external (USB/iOS) devices.

Perhaps there is an App ($ OK) for direct click on OSX iTunes 12 playlist name and drag contents to another USB connected device?
It looks like you didn't follow the directions.
You have to click to enable "manage music manually."
Then, you transfer the SONGS, and make a new playlist containing those songs.
MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/IT


I already had App - Switch - works great!

Thanks for your support