What container to use in my ASP.NET Webform

I have developed a WCF service and now I am looking at developing a Webforms Client to consume the service.  I am using VS2013. I am new to website development and am unsure as to what container would be best to utilize. Here are my requirements:

1. The container (textbox, gridview, Listview, ...) will need to be able to be updated programmatically as it will be fed from the output of the service.
2. The container needs to have a scrollbar to enable scrolling up/down the screen.
3. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to specify columns , but can do without if necessary
4. I want the container(s) to be selectable by a TAB at the top of the container so that I can switch between displaying the output of a transaction , to an error display or to a message display

I have looked at a TabContainer which handles the Tabs ok but as far as I can see it does not handle scrolling or capable of being updated programmatically. I would really appreciate some advice  as to which container type would be most suitable. I have attached a word document showing a mockup of what the webform would look like.


PS. If someone can point me to some example - that would be great
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F PCommented:
1. Gridview or manually write an AJAX CRUD app.
2. Pagination.
3. Defined in your Gridview, and persistent memory is cached with cookies on the client or server. Your choice.
4. JavaScript, polling, and possibly doing it the easy way with polling with a plugin? EX: http://intercoolerjs.org/
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