Should I Give Up on Registering Mac Utility "DriveDx" ?

Hi Experts -

Have a tough question about “DriveDx” for Macs.
( utility from “” )

Realize that EE is mainly for PC guys, but perhaps one of you sneak off when no one is looking and use an overpriced Mac.  ;-)

DriveDx can be used to report on the decrease in performance of a SSD during its useful lifetime, works great for that purpose when I tried the trial version on my one year old “Retina MacBook Pro”.

So I downloaded the highest priced “Consultant” version, $50.

Forgot to consider that I am 99.999% senile, so failed in all my attempts to “register” DriveDx.

Get an error message:

“Consultant version can only be registered on an external drive”

Well I was already booted up on an external drive named “MAIL 17”

DriveDx can NOT see any drives except the boot drive.

All my attempts to contact the vendor failed, “” does not reply.

Should I write this off as a lost cause?

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I went to the DriveDX site and can't find a "consultant" version. Only a  "personal" and "family" licence.
SuperSenileAuthor Commented:
Hi strung -

"I went to the DriveDX site and can't find a "consultant" version. Only a  "personal" and "family" licence."

That is the first of many "gotchas" in the website.  You get to the "Consultants" version by clicking on the words  "For Business & IT-Consultants" which will open a new window describing the Consulting version for $49.99
Maybe you have to be booted from the internal, then install DriveDx on the external drive, launch it and try to register.

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SuperSenileAuthor Commented:
Bingo strung -  Your suggestion worked.   :-)

Before (a few days ago)  I tried booting from my internal drive but I failed to spot the email attachment from "" the creators of the Consultant version of "DriveDx".

I also failed to read the mind of the "" rep' as regards the sequence of opening the various parts of DriveDx.

With a lot of trial and error I managed to get DriveDx "registered".    :-)  :-)  :-)

Only problem now is that this is a "bastard registration routine" because the "" rep' had to give me a special version of the registration file in order for me to register DriveDx while I was booted from my internal drive.

i.e. the default behavior of DriveDx  REQUIRES  that a user be booting from his external drive while he is trying to register.

So with my newfound smarts, I   _might_   be able to sweet-talk DriveDx into registering WHILE BOOTING FROM AN EXTERNAL drive - - - which supposedly is the default behavior of DriveDx.
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