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Using Tablets that have been Joined to Domain Remotely

I am deploying (165) - HP 8" Tablets running Windows 8.1 Pro.

I was going to Join the device to the domain so that Bitlocker Encryption key can be stored in AD and Group Policy applied to configure the device.

The devices will be running a windows APP that connects to a Webservice through the internet so these devices will not authenticate to Active Directory once deployed.

My question is how do I handle the fact that the computer account will not be updating it's Active Directory connections so it will become stale, is there a way to keep the Computer Account from going stale so that if the device does come back to the office we do not have to remove from Domain and then re connect?

Is this a concern or is it something that I do not need to worry about?


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There is no such thing as going stale. Don't worry.
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I hope you understood that this is nothing to worry about. I repeat: nothing will happen no matter how long it doesn't contact the domain.