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No sound on XP

No sound on XP.
I have a Gateway laptop MX6447, with XP (Media Center Edition).  I do not have the original install disk and Gateway has no record of this model. After some work was done on the machine , there was no sound. When I try to download drivers , they can’t be found on the net.  I copied audio codecs from  another disk but they failed to work.  Would it help to install Another copy of XP?  If the drivers aren’t included with the install, maybe they could be found on the net?  Or, do I need to know the specs of the sound card in the computer, in order to get the right drivers?  See attached pics.
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It is very clear that you have a basic issue with needing a number of drivers.  I looked at Gateway.com and was not able to find anything about an MX6447, but there are drivers for an MX6440.  I'd give those a shot.

Though you mentioned the issue with no sound, the pictures that you provided show that you have other, possibly more serious, issues with lack of drivers.  I would suggest trying to get them ALL in order.

It is also possible to search on gateway.com for drivers based on your serial number.  Have you tried that?
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I found the computer on Newegg (old computer). You might try a site like this:


Be sure to select XP and work through the site for the drivers.

XP is dead, so you will have to search the third party sites for consumer stuff like Gateway and other vendors.


Compprovsolv –Thanks – I’m already aware of the obvious need for drivers. Basically, I’ve tried about everything you mentioned. – including searching every number I could find on the back side of the computer. Gateway did not recognize any of them.
John Hurst – Newegg is like so many other driver sites – they want $$ for their drivers.
I’d rather not pay for something that might not work.  So far I’ve managed to fix all problems without paying – with the exception of the Experts Exchange charge. However, because of the lack of support from Microsoft, the day may be here when I have to pay.
I would still like an opinion on weather or not a new install with  XP pro with sp3, might give me more luck finding the right drivers.  As I mentioned I have the Media Center Edition of XP which might be part of the problem.
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In device manager, select device with yellow sign - right click - properties,  go to details tab, and chose hardware id from list. Slect hardware id and copy it with CTRL + C, and paste it to google.
Usually this way you can find out exact device model and find driver for device.
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if you have  unknown devices in device manager, you can use this procedure to identify them :

1- visit the motherboard manufacturers support site, for downloading drivers
2- use windows update >optional updates to find them

3- Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.
Now select  "Components" and highlight "Problem Devices".
All hardware devices with a driver problem will be listed here.
Make a note of the first line of the PNP Device ID line of the entry. It will show a Vendor number and a Device number (VENxxxxDEVxxxx) both four digits long.
Look up those numbers here:   http://www.pcidatabase.com/index.php

This will tell you the manufacturer and the chip number.  
Check the manufacturer's website first or google them - or post them here

4- If your LAN is running, you can also use windows update> optional drivers, or  use a driver update software
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Which version of XP have you installed? Most MCE reinstallation disks will have SP1 or 2 which omits the HD audio patch for XP HD drivers.  The MX6440 series Sigmatel drivers should work with that installed unless you've the regional variation with IDT audio but assume by now you've located both options.


For the MX6440

Have you already reinstalled the chipset and other drivers from that site as without the basic chipset drivers Windows won't recognise the audio chipset anyway.
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A tested workaround/solution ....
If all else fails, get one of these ......

They and very cheap (e.g. 99p from china), and handy to have around.
Unless you also have major problems with your USB drivers. it is certain to work.


Thanks- I'll work on your suggestions.  Notice MA3 is another model # for this machine - still no
help from Gateway.  See attached for picture of numbers I have to work with,
The Driverscape site that Hurst suggested appears to be free.  Have you looked there?  They appear to have what you need.

Did you try the MX6440 drivers from Gateway?
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Try to download and install from this link.
I downloaded one package and extract it with 7zip, but you need try yourself are drivers valid :(


On driverscape I got a '403 forbidden' response for MX6447.
Gateway does not recognize MX6447
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Did you click on XP 32-bit?  It is working for me. You might try on a different computer.


Driverscape (Newegg) wants money.  I downloaded 32 bit xp files from  Driverpack and unzipped them.  They turned out to be junk -   attached is an example.  One of them caused so much trouble with the computer,       I had to use system restore to return to yesterday.  The other attached  pic shows all problem devices, although, only the sound has been a problem. When I tried to update all of the problem devices using the net, or using an XP sp3 disk, the result was always “could not find necessary hardware”. So I’m back where I started. Again, I’m wondering if I’d have better luck if I installed the XP sp3 disk, and worked with it. Or, do these files have to be Gateway software?  Another idea I have, is to download the drivers for a similar Gateway computer and hope they will work in mine (which Gateway does not seem to have any record of).  Maybe this computer is a ‘gray area’ computer from Asia not made by Gateway.
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Some manufacturers save money by not supporting all that well. Cheap product and little support go hand in hand. That is probably what happened here.

Do you need to save a dead XP machine?  Maybe it is time to move on.
I don't think that installing Windows again will help unless you have the version specific to this computer.  That would have the appropriate drivers.

I just went to the Driverscape site and was able to download gateway_ml6021c_audio_xp.zip without error or expense.  It unzipped properly using the unzip feature in Windows 8.  I end up with an htm with a very odd name (non-standard characters) and mt6019audio.exe.  I've not tried to run that file.  Did you get this far?

I would give a shot at the MX6440 drivers from Gateway's site.  I would start with the Chipset driver, then the Audio, LAN, and video drivers.
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I never run exe files from "unfamiliar" web sites.
I always extract files using 7zip - extract here (most of exe  files can be extracted). After I extracted drivers downloaded from link above - I checked - there were really driver for LAN device (that's what I downloaded). After that I added link - so you can try are drivers suitable for your devices.

After extracting files you can go to device manager and during driver installation point to location where you extracted driver. If driver is suitable windows will install it.


John Hurst - I have a Win 7 computer but like XP for certain things - especially Outlook Express - no
longer supported with Win 7.  Can't hear the videos I get with the mail.
CompProbSolve -  My mistake - it was not driverpack but driverscape where I had the strange results.
(See the attachment with the question marks.)  This came from the exact file you downloaded.
Also, coincidently, it was MX6440 where I successfully downloaded the drivers that work.  Yes! the
problem is solved.  Thanks.  Now, after all the downloads and deletes I've done, the computer is
running very slow.  Often a huge problem to solve.
"the computer is running very slow":
Have ALL of the device issues been resolved?
How much RAM do you have?
What happens to performance if you disable all Startup items and all non-Microsoft Services through MSConfig?


Actually, since yesterday, I did disable all startup items and it's back to normal.