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What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Ethernet Splitter Or RJ45  Splitter ?

I think to use outlet splitter to increase the number
the cables are Cat5e Cat6
We use Voip,PoE , Cisco switches and routers and avaya
have I to split that cable to 2 switch ports ?
any suggestions are welcomed
note : this work is temporary for emergency orders until we create a new outlet points
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Infrastructure Engineer
You can only run the link at 10/100Mb and not 1Gb that's the main disadvantage
nader alkahtaniInformation security consultant


Can I use cisco ip phone or avaya with 2 computers in the same time or I have to unpluge one ?
DeepinInfrastructure Engineer
You can purchase different types of RJ45 spitters - data only , voice/data or voice only,
that will give you 2 phones and 2 network points

Something like this should do the job

Max data speed to transmit voice and data signals is capped at 100 MBs (mega bits per second)
See the application charts for RJ45 splitter (Model DC-102) supplied by dual-comm.com:
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015
Can I use cisco ip phone or avaya with 2 computers in the same time or I have to unpluge one ?
It depends. If all 4 pair are not in use, you could split out the 2 unused pair at the wall jack for one computer.  Then you could connect the second computer through the data port on the phone (assuming it has one).  Of course, this would require splitting the 2 pairs off at the switch side as well. And you would have issues if you tried to run 1gbp/s speed as previously mentioned.

Bottom line is that it may be possible, but it's a rather messy solution.
Top Expert 2014
Pre-standard PoE may not work either if the blue/brown pairs are used to supply power.  If your phones don't use 802.3af or 802.3at they may not work at all if you split the cable unless you use a separate power adapter.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)

why not go wireless for some of these devices instead of spliters since you're more worried about using up ports