Copy 2 TB over network from Linix to Windows

We have a Linux server with SMB shares that we now need to move to our new Windows 2012 servers. From the Windows 2012 side, I have tried Richcopy which is much like Robocopy and it keeps freezing on me. There are some deep paths on the Linux shares ( perheps over 255) characters. What would be the best way to copy these files and migrate the files to Windows. We are welling to pay for a software so long as not to expensive and it works. The issue with Richcopy is that I do not get a reson as to why its hangs on me. It was fine for two directories, but is hanging on the third one. I have a feeling it may have to do with bad charterers in the file names or   the dept of the files . Not sure if 2012 R2 comes with any file migration options built in.
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cwrsync is windows version of rsync.
If you suspect the depth exceeds the limit, you should implement a way to reorganize the data to meet the threshold. I.e. Moving directories out
Rsync could be another option to use to transfer the data from the linux to the windows.
Adding support for Unix and then accessing the data as an NFS share mounted by the windows system may provide a better ......

Since you doing transfer over network, the issue could be that the file being copied is in use and is being prevented from being copied. Not sure whether richcopy includes robocopy option to wait and retry.

What about trying robocopy?
Another option is to mount the windows share where you want the data on the linux box and transfer the data that way.

If you have a multi location design for the data once it is in the windows side to avoid the depth limit,  you could have the structure assembled on the Linux side with multiple mount points and then transfer the data such that it is organized on the windows side as intended.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Try teracopy
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