Monitoring DELL hardware use Nagios or DELL OME

Dear All
    i have DELL T620 server and installed win2008R2 sp1 x64 on this server, i also installed DELL OSMA for window edition。 the DELL OME server and Nagios server has been created  
    now i would like to monitor DELL T620 hardware and ask the system send me email everyday.
    how to set it in DELL OME? or how to set it in my Nagios server?
    my OME server is windows and my Nagios server is linux
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Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter SolutionsCommented:
If you use check_mk ( instead of Nrpe or other solutions, a snmp-based check (could be used natively with iDRAC 7) is allready build in - no OMSA/OME needed
iDRAC 6 based servers could be monitored with a few tricks through IPMI standard

what you need is to install Dell Ome plugin for nagios (I have not tested) , then you can add the host and attach the plugin. what version of Nagios are you using?
why not monitoring using Nrpe agent installed on the server ? why do you need OME?


Hope this helps,

beardog1113Author Commented:
i don't know Nrpe agent before, how can i check the Nagios version? does the Nrpe has the windows edition? as you know my DELL T620 server run Windows 2008 not linux. seems the Nrpe is easier, can you please let me know how to use NRPE ?
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Yes I know. I am using Nagios too.. it's amazing.
are you using the free version? then it's nagios core I guess..
Nagios Xi  is paid..
if you are using XI you can go to configuration --> new monitoring wizard.. from there it's easy..
post back on version..

beardog1113Author Commented:
i am use free edition
beardog1113Author Commented:
thank you and i will try it
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