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Postfix configuration - Relay

Right now I'm having issues with a Postfix configuration in Plesk that is not supported by Plesk and made by someone that is no longer available, I don't dare to change anything, even if I'm quite sure that it should work.

It is as follows.

I wanted to active PHP mail on our Plesk enviorement, after testing it I looked like i didn't work.
After debugging it showed that PHP generated the mail but it was not sending.

The logs showed that it was using Sendmail and trying to connect to a smart host that is no longer in service.  

So I looked in the Sendmail configuration file and found in the file and I should be able to change the smart relay.

But what would happen? Could it be that I works currently and this is just a PHP issue? We have a mail node in our Plesk enviorement that i want to use.

I'm open for any suggestions.
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Steven Vona
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You can try sending mail from the command line and see if it works.  If it does then it's a plesk / php issue.

You mentioned postfix, but then said you were using sendmail.  We need a lot more information in order to help.
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I took a while and it is also now a solution in the Plesk KB.