ColdFusion flash form error

When I use attribute format="flash" in <cfform>, I get 404 error. Do I need to make some changes in web.xml of ColdFusion to enable flash forms? I am using windows 8, coldfusion 11
SmitWeb DeveloperAsked:
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Can you provide a sample of the form that you would like to enable the format="flash" attribute for?

Are you getting the 404 when the form page first loads? Typically a 404 error means that server encountered some kind of broken link...
SmitWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Sample Form code

<cfform action="index.cfm?action=polist" format="flash" name="frmpolist" id="frmpolist" method="post"   height="780">

Open in new window

I am not getting full page as 404. Only part of the html that has form is replaced by 404. I can still see header and footer. This is because i am using format="flash". And i have my CF setup with Apache server. If you setup CF with IIS, then you wont see this issue. But I need to go with Apache server only.  So I need to fix this issue.
Got it, I'm using CF with IIS...

Have tried going into developer tools on the browser (F12) and debugging for any errors?

Also, did you check the CF Admin logs and APACHE error logs?

Are you running APACHE on Windows 8?
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SmitWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I got rid of Apache server. I got it working in IIS Server. Thanks for looking into this.

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SmitWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Better solution...
@Smit - Good to hear... I've grown to really like II7.5 and higher.

Take a look at the Web Platform Installer and Web Deploy modules for IIS. Those add-ins are great and I can easily run .NET, PHP, and ColdFusion.

I was really hoping that Adobe would create a deployment for the Web Platform installer...
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