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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone please help.

We are recently purchased SCOM and need to monitor our new WEB farm from fresh, Can you please suggest ( if you have in your environment) what to monitor in a IIS/WEB farm environment.

Our sites  hosted are hosted internal and some of them hosted in DMZ . Does anyone please tell me what is the best way to automate / monitor the IIS/WEB farm?

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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
I would tell them to just install the latest management pack for IIS.  That will get you info about everything inside IIS as long as the server is registered to the SCOM server.

To tell you what you should monitor is quite hard.  But the defaults on the MP are a good starting point.

In order to determine what to monitor about your app, would require a deeper dive into the big W questions.  Who, what, why, where and how.  Determine what the expect SLA on availability & performance is and then configure Application Availability Monitoring.

You may also be able to get a MP for the hardware load balancers.  You would need to speak with that manufacturer.

Between the Server MPs and IIS MP, you can get a good feel for the health of the system being monitored.  Thru the SCOM Console you have access to the Performance Monitoring system.

1. link - using counter logs:
2. link - best practices monitoring iis:

Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
Monitoring of IIS is driven thru the IIS Management Pack, which you can install on a SCOM Management Server.  I'll assume you are using Server 2012 and SCOM 2012.  Here is the MP link:

You may also be interested in Using the Web Application Availability Monitoring.


A question:  What product(s) are you using to manage interaction between your users and your web farm?  Is there a hardware load balancer in front of the farm or you using something software based like IIS's Application Request Routing?

kuzumAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dan,

Yes 2012 but I don't look after it at all. All I would like to know is what to monitor..

We have hardware load balancers and also ARRs.
kuzumAuthor Commented:
sorry I think I wasn't clear enough.  I look after Web farm and need to tell SCOM guys what to monitor for me
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