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Access VBA - insert for multiselect field from SharePoint into another table

I have a field called RAMP2015Products (it is multiselect and imported from SharePoint and table is named RAMP. I am trying to Insert all records from into a new table called RAMP_New. I have a bunch of other fields I was converting from Memo to TEXT using an Insert SQL code but there is an error for the multi-select field. When I do the insert code as TEXT the multiselect values are deleted and all that is left is a number value that has no meaningful info.

Any suggestions on what type VBA Code is needed to accomplish this?
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There may not be an easy way to do this...
Is it an option to just import the entire table?

I have heard of these Multivalues fields being moved "to" Sharepoint (from Access), ..I have not seen much where these fields are moved from Sharepoint to Access.

Like Pat, I tend not  use these somewhat esoteric fields in my designs.
When this functionality is built into your db already.
In any event, you should be able to go into the source table (wherever the actual values you need to change are stored) to do your modifications.
For example you select multiple classes for one student, ...and you need to modify the classes, guess is that there should be a classes table somewhere that you can modify...?