Certificates - RDS Gateway

I have pointed a subdomain to my external ip address - office.mydomain.com.

I have then got a certificate matching this subdomain which I have then added it to the RDS Gateway server.

I then connect using a browser to https://office.mydomain.com/rdweb. This works fine as the certificate matches the domain.

However when I then load one of the remote apps I get a warning saying the certificate does not match the hostname of the actual server. I am able to skip the warning and connect fine but would like some way of setting this up so I dont get any mismatched certificates.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
The only supported way to do this is to have a computer identity certificate with the same name as the "real" name of your RDSH server and have the signing CA be trusted by the client. This is separate from RDWA ir RDG, and is a current limitation of RDSH.
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